COVID-19 Response

In these challenging times, Sikkens’ philosophy of ‘togetherness and support’ has never held more true or been more relevant. These unprecedented times will challenge the automotive refinish industry and put all elements of the supply chain under pressure.

Working together in order to provide innovative solutions to these unique challenges is the only logical tool that can assist businesses throughout these times. The Sikkens distribution network together with AkzoNobel are proud to play our part in offering any and all customers assistance in various forms should it be required.

About More Than Paint

Whilst we are firm believers in our product offerings and the various benefits that they can generate, financially and in terms of final product output, the COVID-19 crisis goes far beyond paint brands, stock levels and colouristics. It is about survival!

As such, we are willing to work with all bodyshops irrespective of the paint brand, in order to assist them in finding adequate solutions to safeguard and protect the livelihood of their businesses be it in an advisory and or supplier capacity.

Unique Team of Experts & Support Staff

At Sikkens we have a unique team of financial experts who have an in-depth understanding of the industry and its challenges. Our aim is not only to save you time and money, but also to ensure the ongoing success and longevity of your business with customised solutions.

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