Business Services

Business Services

As the leading innovator in paints, we are also committed to helping our customers find solutions for their business that help achieve ultimate performance.

We have a highly qualified financial team that have numerous solutions to support business growth and help to improve day-to-day operations, resulting in business sustainability. Our programs consists a diverse portfolio of tools and solutions from process improvement to talent development to sales and marketing support.

Everything we do is about making sure our clients thrive in the future, not just survive. Through our network business benefit from recognition as a certified excellent shop. We actively help our clientele create a sustainable business – to expand their customer base and achieve higher profits. Insurance companies, vehicle owners, fleet administrators and other work providers trust our business services.

Whether you’re looking to grow your business or improve day-to- day operations, our team of consultants provide tailor-made solutions to help you develop your business more effectively and, above all, to make it more profitable.

Distribution Network

Creating together

Since inception, we have established a national footprint in South Africa through our appointment of distributors in key provinces, each of whom are able to service surrounding area’s and neighbouring provinces.

Future appointments of distributors are always on the horizon but are carefully assessed based on a detailed business study, market, area and compatibility assessment.

It is our vision that our distributors be the end consumer’s unrivaled first choice supplier of paint, ancillaries, parts and equipment in the automotive refinish, industrial and commercial industries.

Excellence and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our core existence and can only be achieved via the supply of quality products at competitive prices together with outstanding service, customer interaction and assistance.

Our relationship with our distributors transcends the norm of a supplier relationship in that they are our face in the market and as such are a direct reflection of how we are portrayed. Accordingly, the Sikkens philosophy of “Creating Together” has never held more true between importer, distributor, and end customer.

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