Automotive Training Centre

Providing dynamic ideas and solutions

The Allied Paint Solutions training centre is situated at Unit 2, 7 on Mastiff, Mastiff Road, Linbro Business Park, Sandton, Johannesburg.

The training centre has a dedicated warehouse in order to facilitate uninterrupted training throughout the year.

The training centre has been certified by AkzoNobel as an accredited Sikkens training centre.

Our philosophy has always been to enable our customers and end users to obtain the maximisation of efficiencies and ultimately profits through the use of our systems and products.

Training forms an invaluable role in the achievement of the above, as without the proper understanding of our systems and offerings customers will not achieve the best results possible, not only in terms of product performance, but also in terms of profitability and ease of use.

Constant collaboration and forward thinking

Our training courses have been developed through a close and careful collaboration with Sikkens global head technical teams. This ensures our goals are achieved and that we remain at the forefront of global trends and technological advances. Courses are provided by our senior technical coordinators with the assistance of AkzoNobels head technicians from time to time.

Our training aims to create a safe space for the end user, away from their standard working environment in order to ensure that he or she can give their undivided focus and attention towards the training being undertaken. Furthermore, this also provides the trainee with the comfort of being able to push the products to the limit without any concerns .

As such we often ensure that training takes place at the certified training centre in addition to the continuous training and monitoring performed at the customers area of operations.

This break from the day to day working environment, enables the trainee to obtain the most out of the training and ensures that the objectives of the training course are achieved whilst also being efficient and fun.