Special Colours

Are you ready for the 3D revolution?

The latest advances in three-dimensional paints are taking special colours to a whole new level. In the next few years we expect to see rapid expansion in the selection of available colours, and in the number of vehicle makes and models on which they are used.

Three-dimensional paintwork consists of a coloured basecoat, featuring thinner and flatter aluminum flakes than normal metallic paints, followed by a semi transparent coloured midcoat and then a clearcoat.

The resulting ‘liquid metal’ appearance, colour depth, 3D effect and intense light reflection are stunning.

* We would like to draw attention to the fact that for tri-stage effect colours a colour must always be tested with spray samples prior to application.

Ford Ruby Red

Akzo code: FA12:RR / FRD12:RR

This red shade with spectacular depth can be achieved by three-coat application, where the midcoat is a translucent layer, coloured with very fine grinded pigments.

This popular colour is seen more and more on various Ford cars, reaching production numbers over 180.000 globally. The perfect variant can be achieved by assessing the right amount of midcoat application.


Mazda 46G Machine Grey

Akzo code: MAZ46G

A state of the art finish from Mazda, making use of very fine silver dollar metallics.

This colour gives the impression that the vehicle’s body has been sculpted from a solid steel ingot. The repair of this colour is based on the standard 2-stage TDS application with an additional 2-3 over thinned basecoat layers in order to achieve the specific fine effect finish of this particular colour.

No special toners needed; an MM solution is available in Mixit and Mixit Pro

Learn how to apply Mazda 46G – Machine Grey: Watch the instruction video and see our step-by-step process in action.

Mazda 46V Soul Red Crystal

Akzo code: MAZ46V

This deep red and brilliant colour is available as a standard color on the SUV CX-5, where the very fine metallics in the groundcoat and translucent midcoat create a spectacular depth in the colour, embracing the curves of the car.

This colour is built up in three layers and different shades can be reached by differentiating the amount of midcoat layers.

The Sikkens Autowave MM 2.0 ground and midcoat has been given its colour approval from Mazda.

Learn how to apply Mazda 46V – Soul Red: Watch the instruction video and see our step-by-step process in action.

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