Your online application for reliable colour matching

MIXIT™ is AkzoNobel’s advanced colour identification and retrieval application.

Through MIXIT™, users have direct, immediate access to our vast database, which hosts more than two million colours and variants – with more being added every day.

MIXIT is ultra fast; user friendly and can be used seamlessly across multiple devices, all thanks to its revolutionary, new cloud-based system.

MIXIT also offers instant updates, in real time.

Fast, accurate search

MIXIT uses advanced search and filtering to display the most accurate colours in the shortest possible time.

Any device, anywhere

Use MIXIT wherever you like – from your smartphone to your PC, whether they’re Apple, Android or Windows based.

Real-time updates

The MIXIT database constantly updates in real time, 24/7. This means that when we have a new formula, you can access it immediately.

Find your colour quick and easy with MIXIT

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