About Us

The Home of Sikkens Southern Africa

Allied Paint Solutions was founded in 2015 and is a wholly owned South African company.

The roots of our founders are embedded in the automotive industry and ensure that there is key guidance, technical know-how and business acumen. Backed by over 35 years of understanding and some of the most influential persons in the industry, our aim is to provide service excellence and a world-class product offering.

Our partnership with AkzoNobel ensures that Allied Paint Solutions is the sole and exclusive importer and agent of Sikkens and all other AkzoNobel automotive vehicle refinishing related products in Southern Africa and surrounding territories. Through our agreement with AkzoNobel, Allied Paint Solutions is able to appoint distributors of the Sikkens and Dynacoat product ranges throughout the aforementioned territories to enable supply to the end product users.

As such, Allied Paint Solutions is the home of Sikkens Southern Africa and the custodians of AkzoNobel’s world class brands. Our distribution network is carefully selected to ensure that our brands, corporate code of ethics and qualities are held to the highest standard without compromise.