Technical Services

Technical Services

We measure our success by the objectives we have set ourselves. Setting objectives is an important part of planning, in all areas of our business, inspiring us to achieve more, break new ground and be fit for the future.

Quality service and support are essential to our overall offering.

With over 30 technicians country wide our Technical Services and teams help you identify and resolve problems, put necessary measures in places to avoid future issues and to maximise the performance of our product ranges.

Additionally, our technical services assist customers in choosing the perfect equipment and materials necessary, apply them in the best possible manner, and minimize stock and reduce waste. Our teams keep you informed of the market‘s current and future requirements and trends to ensure your business is perfectly prepared for the challenges ahead.

Furthermore our offsite training assists your employees in setting their objectives or in defining completely new targets. This also gives customers employees the opportunity to develop themselves and to recharge their enthusiasm.

Our qualified trainers look forward to communicating new knowledge, both practically and theoretically at our Automotive Training Centre.