Automatchic Vision

Accurate, easy and fast

Automatchic Vision puts the power of digital innovation into your hands.

Traditional colour matching techniques take time and experience to achieve the right result.

The compact, hand-held Automatchic Vision spectrophotometer uses the latest digital technology for precise, reliable colour measurements.

It is easy to use and requires minimal training.

To streamline processes, the latest version of Automatchic™ is wifi enabled.

When combined with AkzoNobel’s colour retrieval software, you have access to more than two million colors and variants.

Automatchic™ was first launched in 1993, and has since become AkzoNobel’s pioneering hand-held spectrophotometer.

In its current form, in combination with our extensive database, it is the most accurate colour-matching system available.

Its high degree of accuracy dramatically reduces the likelihood of matching errors and eliminates the need to carry out re-works.

In some cases, users report an average reduction of up to 20% in overall paint use after adopting Colorvation and its digital colour tooling.

Every aspect of Automatchic™ has been designed for convenience. The device is compact, easy to handle and operate, and requires minimal training.

To streamline your workflow, Automatchic™ is Wi-Fi enabled. After reading the colour at any location in your shop, it sends measurements directly to the mixing software on your PC, saving you time, while helping to ensure you maintain consistent and accurate results.

Simplify your colour matching process today