Miscellaneous & Additives

Autobase Plus Blending Agent

Solventborne basecoat blending additive

Autobase Plus Blending Agent is a crystal clear blending additive that allows for easier application of Autobase Plus spot repairs.

As there is no mixing required, it is very easy to use.

Autobase Plus Blending Agent helps the painter to reduce the risk for halo and to achieve a more even metallic pattern in the colour fade out area.

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Autoclear LV Superior Accelerator

Additional speed - Same finish.

Curing accelerator for Autoclear LV Superior Fast and Medium. Suitable for spot and panel repairs at temperatures below 25 °C.

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Elastifying additive for plastic car parts

An elastifying additive for two-component acrylic paints, formulated for the treatment of plastic body parts.

The addition of Elast-o-Actif in the system will result in improved flexibility to such an extent that the coating can resist deformation without being damaged.

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Plus Accelerator

Curing accelerator for Autocryl Plus

Curing accelerator for Autocryl Plus, particularly suited to curing temperatures below 15 °C and for multiple layers.

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